In today’s healthcare environment, you need a partner with the reach and scale to drive market share growth and ensure your products are in the right place at the right time to satisfy patient demand. Our best-in-class distribution network and strong relationships with community pharmacies, health systems, institutions and other classes of trade extend your reach into all sites of care.


  • Controlled room temperature and humidity
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring and recording
  • Multiple power back-ups
  • CCTV monitoring and recording of all the premises entrance and exits and warehouse area
  • No unauthorised access inside the facility
  • Clean facilities

Cold Chain Warehousing

To preserve the efficacy of cold chain products, we are equipped with a state of the art Cold storage room that consistently maintains temperature between 2-8 degrees celsius and has automated generator backup to ensure the temperature does not vary. The temperature is constantly monitored and recorded. Products stored here include:

  • Vaccines
  • Interferons
  • Insulins
  • Other temperature sensitive products

Distribution Services

Access to the right product at the right time is vital to the health of every patient and the success of every pharmacy. We provide a seamless customer experience by ensuring that patients can receive what they need, on time, every day.

Manufacturers turn to Fapl for the most comprehensive set of solutions that drive awareness, access and engagement for their products with everything from product value demonstration and secure distribution to reimbursement support.

All of our delivery vehicles are high quality air conditioned vehicles with polyurethane insulation so that the products are kept at optimal conditions even in the most adverse and heated temperatures.

Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency

Our managers and bookers now have seamless communication through our order taking app so that any detail regarding discounts, bonus, reminders or targets can be communicated in real time to the order takers. The app provides the bookers with complete customer and product information so that he can monitor his performance in real time and ensure his work is done effectively. With secure and efficient daily ordering and deliveries, we deliver peace of mind to our principals so that they can focus on improving patients lives.

Reporting and Analysis

Product, provider and patient success all hinge on access. We provide actionable analytics and reporting that provide the intelligence needed to continuously improve business performance. We offer innovative and specialized solutions  to help achieve high performance and deliver value to our client.

Our online management dashboard allows our principals to review data regarding their products whenever and wherever they need.